oh, to be ten

Dear Maria,

Sorry I didn't write to you so long, guess I've been a bit lazy. So, how's Ghana, sounds like you've enjoyed there. You're unlike me, I wouldn't last a minute because of homesickness. I've heard of, whats it called? Oh right, Ginniworm. Sounds horrible, a 20 feet long worm squirming through you're intestines. I've heard of it on House before. It has been a very complex couple of months, not difficult complex like Ginniworm. I seem to squirm through, then getting pulled out by a couple of sergens. I've just installed a T.V. in my room, I just hope dad allows it. Guess what?! Do you know about the swine flu? Well, my school is one of the schools in new york that will be closing because of it. Cool, huh? Well, keep me updated on you're adventures in Ghana, I'll send you soon!

The Boy Who Loves You,

PS: Sahara wanted to say hi.


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