awww shucks, Obama

"You going to Obama?" Kimmie texts me. "Hmmm. Well, yea. Maybe. Nah. Nope."

Yea, so the one and only Barack Obama came to Ghana for a day. What an honor, to be serving in Ghana during the time our first black president comes to pay a visit. Especially in light of the fact that we missed the excitement of inauguration. I can't help but feel like I am missing history take place while in this little village. Anywho, so why didn't I go to see Obama speak? As if seeing 80 other volunteers wasn't incentive enough to get away for the weekend. Well, it was a long week and a weekend in Accra, including the 12 hour bus rides, amount to about half a months' salary. (I happen to be living beneath the poverty line.)

Ghana has gone ape. People have renamed their restaurants and hotels after him. People are dressed in Obama attire from head to toe. Obama Kana! Omama Kana! (Obama is coming! Obama is coming!) We didn't write an Obama song, because we ALREADY HAVE ONE, that has been playing daily on radios for 10 months. Volunteers here have gone ape. I mean, like have lost their minds with the President being here. Enough to travel across the country to see him within a days notice. And those who went were all deeply touched by his presence and words.

So, you didn't see me on CNN because I was with Kimmie in Zoggu, shoving my face with cookies and reading People Magazine. Hey, listen, I bought four Obama watches to support the cause. Yep. And they are great watches.


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