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Peace Corps aint easy. A special thanks to the following for making it a little easier. Kimmie, I don’t know what to even say to you lady (are you sure dead bats don’t give rabies?). Andy, I love you endlessly. All the northern volunteers, especially Hannah, Camberly, Liz, Shauna, Ana, Cat Cat: you are my family. Dan, for saying all the right things at the right time (and those much needed midnight dates). Mikey, for two years worth of tears and snot on your shoulder. Adam Martyn, for having my back anytime, anywhere. Luck, for slow dancing. Ama Cynthia, how is it you showed up all those times I needed you most? Lets always be friends? To the cast of Glee. My Mac, for holding on. To my front porch during the hours of 5 and 6 am. Brett Dennen for reminding me not to fear what I don’t really know. To Point 7 for 1 pm cold beers. Heather, you have no idea. Sarah Witty, for all the calls and packages till the very end. Mina, Mo and Tee, for all the detailed updates. I'm comin' home! Ciana and Krista, my sisters from other misters, thanks for living my life during the most miserable part of the year. Mickey, my little bug, for reminding me what's important (I love you more than the sun and moon and all the stars in the sky). Mom and dad: I owe you. Big time.


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