10 reasons I love Ramadan

Because it gives us a chance to think back on our year’s transgressions and wipe the slate clean. That’s why we fast during the holy month of Ramadan. Mmm, err, that’s why my village is fasting. I can’t afford to lose a pound that this library has already taken from me. Call me sadistic, but I have been rather enjoying Ramadan this year. It’s the most – wonderful – tiiiiime….of the year!

10. Now I’m not the only one sleeping 12 hours a day. Everyone is! They are sleeping because of lack of energy, but who’s counting?

9. I’ve been eating better than ever! I can’t do any programs while people are fasting. So I have all this time to cook and eat. I have snuck in a fourth meal if that’s ok. I’m eating more than I have in months!

8. Market days are less crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I do like market day. But with far fewer meals to make, market is a bit scarce. Less heckling makes my shopping easier.

7. Less visitors. Not for me, for Alhaji. There is less of a chance someone is going to bang on my door all hours of the day mistaking me for my landlord when people are too tired to leave their homes.

6. It just so happens to be right smack in the middle of the rainy season. And we all know, maria <3’s the rainy season.

5. With school closed and everyone quite busy not eating, I have all this free time to catch up on my DVD collection. Again.

4. Aze hasn’t asked me for food in weeks!

3. People like to break their fast with figs. So there are figs, figs, figs, everywhere!

2. Naps. Guilt free naps all day because everyone is doing it. I know, this is the same as number 10, but who’s counting?

1. Door to door food vendors! Every night as the sun sets a women waltzes in with a basket on her head full of fruit, figs and nuts like a girl scout. “You want a ba-na-na?” she asks me. Do I?


Sarah said…
And then you'll proceed to accept the banana and eat it like monkeys do: upside down (or should I say right side up?) And that's precisely why I love you- or at least one of the reasons I love you!
Pam the Realtor said…
Wow. Just ran across your blog and read the entire thing. What an experience! It will be interesting to see how you readjust when you return home. Keep up the great writing.
Falaxy said…
hope you had a blessed ramadan and happy eid : )
greetings from a pakistani living in saudi arabia!

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