Children of Sankpala,

I received your thank-you notes and I liked the kind words and pictures. It is a pleasure to be one of the many people who are sending you these books. There are many, many books - more books than you have ever seen. You will honor me by using the library many times and reading many books. Some of the books are funny, some are silly, some teach new things.

Maria has told me about you and she is very fond of you. As you know, I am very, very fond of Maria and because of this, you have become very special to me. Whenever Maria tells me about Sankpala, I listen very closely. I have seen many pictures of your village and I feel it is a special place.

The books will be there soon. Have fun reading the books and learn more.

One more thing. I know in Sankpala you not only read stories, you also tell stories. In our family we tell a story about a hero. He is a blue, flying dog named Jocko. Make Maria tell you this story many times - especially the young children for I told her this story many times when she was a young child.

With Fondness,
Joe (Maria's dad)


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