Know Your Status Week

The HIV/AIDS campaign here in Sankpala has come and gone and was fantastic. Well, everything except the football game. The political tension escalated and the day before we had no choice but to cancel the game. It was like that time my dad drove Joe and me to the beach and we fought the whole way and finally as we pull into the parking lot, my dad turns around and says, “That’s it! We’re going back home!” And it just sucked, because I had my bathing suit on and everything. It could have been so good. Anywho, as expected, everyone that I needed to come through did, mostly at the very last minute. By the end of the week our programs reached almost 2,000 people. My students rocked the drama and ran the whole HIV/AIDS day at the school practically themselves (I couldn’t be prouder of them). All of Sankpala truly enjoyed the programs, they are still buzzing about them and at some have even come to my home to ask more questions. Since the AIDS rate for the Northern Region of Ghana is fairly low, the most important aspect of the week for me was breaking stigmas, which I think we did. Verdict? Success. Give me about 5 months of sleep and maybe we’ll do another one.

There are plenty of pictures, click on older posts to see them. Enjoy!


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