first day back at class

Me: Good morning class
Class: Good morning Madame!
Me: How was the break?
Shefui: It was fine Madame!
Me: And how are your moringa plants?


Shamsu: Madame, mine has not grown.
Washwu: Mine has also not grown.
Matin: Sir, mine has also…
Me: It’s Madame, not sir.
Martin: mmhm, Madame, my moringa had not grown either.
Hawa: Mine has grown. But a goat chopped it.
Zuleha: Mine has grown, and I put it in the sun. It has died.
Me: Has anyone been able to grow their moringa?


Fataw: Madam, were we supposed to chop (eat) our seeds?
Me: What?!? No! Who ate their seed?
Fataw: Noah, Madam.
Me: Noah! Did you eat your seed?
Noah: No…
Abukari: But the seeds are sweet! Aghahahahahaha.
Washwu: Aghahahhahaha
Shefwu : Aghahahahahaha
Me: Noah, you are to plant your seed, and when it grows it will produce many moringa seeds. And then you can chop all the moringa seeds you want. ::deep breath:: Ok class I am giving you all new moringa seeds. They are new, fresh seeds, so plant them today. Ok?
Class: Yes Madame!


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