Snapshots of Sankpala

Sankpala is split in two, each hug the main road to Tamale.

This is the Mosque across the street from my home.

This is a farmer doing his thang.

This is Nadia, my new grandmother.
She was so excited that I am going to be staying in her village.

These are Abukari's beautiful children.


Heather said…
you are an amazing photographer. and i want nadia to be my grandmother too.
Maliguna said…
holy crap, small world...

i was posted in sankpala '03 - '05 and worked with abukari taking care of the guinea worm scourge there. these pictures are awesome - amina's gotten huge. hey, have they put up a post office in sankpala yet? if so, does abukari have an address? i've been sending him mail through alhassan, but who knows if he's getting it.

anyway, enjoy the dagombas and your stay there - i miss that whoop-ass front porch...


col. brian j. hough
"maliguna" (the first one)

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