Politics Shmolitics

As all of you know (yea right), on December 7th, Ghana had their presidential election. Which, by the way, was far more exciting than the presidential election that you suckers had to experience in the states. The two major political parties here are NPP, Nana Akufo-Addo and NDC, John Atta Mills. As elections usually go in these parts, every region has already claimed that their candidate of choice as the new president months ago. “Because everyone is voting for Nana Akufo-Addo.” Really? Everyone? Do you know anyone outside this town? 

Anyway, the election came real close, but neither party received over 50% of the votes. The voter turn out was incredible, at 70%, which I think is higher than the US. At 3am post election, I was sure that NPP had taken the gold - Old Tafo had erupted into nonsense (OT needs little occasion to reek nonsense all hours of the night). However, Nana Akufo-Addo only won 49.13% of the vote. There will be a run-off election on December 28th.

There have been pockets of violence throughout Ghana, which are actually very minimal for an African election. There have been about 20 election related deaths. One of the hot spots for violence is Tamale, the city closest to me. As a result, our new Country Director has all us Peace Corps volunteers on standfast during the run-off. This just means that we are to stay at our sites and be aware of what is going on. No biggy.

Except that standfast will be from December 24th through January 2nd. Why did Ghana decide to have a run off election between two of our biggest holidays? And just 2 weeks after we arrive at our sites? Because they love when we wallow in our misery (which PCV’s do very well). So, the plan to meet at our sub office for Christmas cookies, music, and presents is a no-go. I’m only slightly devastated to spend Christmas in my Muslim community. By myself.

That is just to say that if anyone would like to splurge on a calling card and call me on Christmas or New Years, I will love you forever and ever amen.

Llamame: (including country codes) 011-233-241-317-580

I wish all of you a wonderful and snowy Christmas and a crazy New Years. You are all in my thoughts daily. I miss you more than hot chocolate. I love you more than Christmas cookies.


Heather said…
that's it. i'm flying to sankpala on christmas.
Roc1847 said…
Maria this is Tee. I have tried not to read any of your posts because I knew I would feel the way i do right now. I want to come to Africa and save you. It's all selfish of course cause I miss you more then McCain!!!!!
I would love to be able to call you PLEASE email or get meena a phone number or morse code machine so I can hear your voice!!
Tony asks about you at least once a week. I get my info from meena who misses you more then I could possibly write. We think about you daily ......I am now going to stop typing and say a prayer for you.
Just remember you are right where you are supposed to be! God is with you. He is so proud of his lil sheep and things will become clearer I promise. God don't make mistakes Maria. He is beside you right now and it will not be long before you see his footsteps.
I am so very proud of you. I love you so much.....

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